Fun with fonts header graphic
Fun with fonts header graphic

With FontDrop! I made a little web application that shows the content of a font file. Just drop a .otf, .ttf ot .woff-file to see what’s inside of them.

I thought it would be fun to have a look in some files and and to show some cool fonts on this website. This year I will try to present a new file every now and then and write some background information about it here.

Just go to, the presented font file will be the initial font that you see. Dropin’ your own files works as usual.

Let’s have some…

Babetta is a decorative typeface, based on an old neon sign and some Art-Deco-flavoured influences.

Just around the corner from where I live in Berlin is a big street, an architectural ensemble, of imposing residential buildings and associated shops — a monument of the so called Zuckerbäckerstil (Socialist classicism).The whole thing was built in the late 50s and 60s, after the area was destroyed in WW2. At this time, the small number of neon signs adorning the blocks of flats and shops were part of the architectural concept and carefully designed.

The typeface FF Attribute–initially designed for the use in a code editor. (Promo image by FontFont/Monotype.)

FF Attribute is a type family of seven weights and an extended character set. The typeface comes in a monospaced version and a non-monospaced version.

In 2015, while working on a little side project, I spent a lot of time in the code editor instead of, as usual, in Photoshop or InDesign. I tried out many of the available monospaced fonts. The last years have seen something of a revival of this genre, probably because of the fact that coding and programming have become more and more common and widespread, including among designers.

I started experimenting with my own monospaced…

How many characters does a font include? Who designed it? Which version is it? What about the copyright? Font files can be highly complex and very large files, with many glyphs, supporting dozens of languages, rich in features — or they can be very small, containing just a few icons for a website.

In 2016 I worked for a big publishing house in Germany and helped to structure and handle the use of all their fonts and font files. One problem we had to deal with was making sure different versions of font files were consistent and checking what every…

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