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  • Sabine Gruppe

    Sabine Gruppe

    Sabine, singing bird with FontShop Berlin. Tweeting #Font & #TYPO trills. ♯ ♫ ♫ ♪. background from http://www.fontbook.com ♪ ♪ ♪

  • graffica.info


    El periodico de los diseñadores. Información diaria sobre diseño gráfico, imagen y comunicación.

  • Simon W

    Simon W

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

  • Jim Parrillo

    Jim Parrillo

    MFA / UX, UI & Visual Designer at REDCOM Laboratories / Adjunct Faculty, School of Design at RIT / Type Design / Motion Graphics / Letterpress / Printmaking

  • Mariya Pigoulevskaya

    Mariya Pigoulevskaya

    Senior typeface designer at @northernblock

  • Florian Schulz

    Florian Schulz

    Pushing boundaries, not pixels. I make design tools, apps & bagels. Previously @ginettateam. Studied @idpotsdam. Former Intern @Behance, NYC.

  • Ryan Culverwell

    Ryan Culverwell

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